Reliable Kerbing Contractors in Perth, Mandurah & Surrounding Areas

At Kwik Kerb, we appreciate that when it comes to choosing kerbing contractors, Perth home and business owners may be a little overwhelmed by the number of choices. However, we are not simply an average contractor and take great pride in offering excellent service to all of our customers. With Kwik Kerb you can be assured that our technicians have been fully trained on all aspects of laying kerb including ensuring all lines are straight and corners have been properly fabricated. Whether your design includes circles or different colours, we can deliver an excellent result with our patented techniques for patterns and the inclusion of colour hardeners to create vibrant striking colours. Our technician will also ensure optimal placement of the expansion joints to significantly reduce the risk of cracking.

Quality Assurance

Kwik Kerb technicians are not simply concerned with garden edging. Perth home owners can be reassured that our technicians maintain high professional standards to ensure that you achieve the desired result of your landscape designers. Perth customers have the reassurance of our quality assurance guarantee. With our concrete garden edging, Perth consumers can feel confident that they will be supplied with the best possible product.

Kwik Kerb Practices

Unlike many other kerbing contractors, Perth-based Kwik Kerb ensure we provide a durable product. We allow room for the flexing in limestone edging. Perth ambient temperature changes, ground movement and stresses are perfectly accommodated with our control joints to allow cracking in a controlled way. We also use a minimum mix of one part cement and four parts aggregate for our limestone garden edging. Perth consumers should find that this is a higher strength concrete which is overlaid with a special sand and cement mix to resist weathering, scratching or chipping, increasing the lifespan of your edging.

If you are interested in kerbing contractors, Perth consumers should contact us. We would be delighted to answer any questions you may have and provide you with a tailored quotation.

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