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The satisfaction of our customers is of the utmost importance to us. We strive to maintain the high standards that Kwik Kerb have set for over twenty five years. We appreciate our customers providing us with the opportunity to enhance their landscaping and wish to ensure that your Kwik Kerb experience is a pleasant one. Please take note of the following care instructions, but please feel free to contact us should you have any concerns or questions.


We appreciate that you love your family pets, but accidents can always happen. To avoid this risk, ensure that all pets are safely locked away on the day we are due to install your edging. If the installation is for a high traffic area such as a pathway, it can be helpful to create a barrier to prevent people, small children or animals to not tread on the fresh laid edging. Ensure that your sprinkler system is disabled and if you are aware where any buried cables may be located, please mark them, so we can take care to avoid causing damage during our preparation work.


You should ensure that all pets are locked away from the area until at least a day after installation. Keep your sprinkler system disabled for at least two days after the installation and you should avoid weed trimming, digging, mowing or spraying in the immediate area until the concrete has been cured. This will ensure that the edging achieves maximum strength before it is subjected to any wear and tear.


Concrete edging takes up to thirty days to cure to its full strength. While your new kerb edging has a durable finish to the surface, it still needs a certain period of time to become resistant to scratching and other potential damage. Please aim to protect it as long as possible. Once the kerbing has been sealed on completion of the installation, it immediately has greater resistance to light rain. However, heavy rains within the initial six hours after the installation can cause some degree of damage. If heavy rain is predicted, it is a good idea to cover the edging with plastic for protection.


Our proven system for minimising and preventing cracks includes the installation of control joints. These allow the concrete edging to crack in a specific location to facilitate the expansion and contraction caused by temperature changes. We ensure that our concrete is customised using the latest developments in technology to suit the particular conditions of your property.

Our operators are all well trained with great experience and knowledge to maintain a high quality standard. However, there are sometimes conditions beyond our control which may cause cracks to appear. Examples of these conditions include vehicular traffic, subsidence wash outs and tree roots. Unfortunately, we cannot be held responsible for this type of damage which is naturally beyond our control.

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