All Kwik Kerb technicians undertake a comprehensive training program to ensure that we deliver concrete edging of the highest standard of quality.

Our training not only features the operation of our machinery and how to properly lay kerb, but also features:

  • The proper process for the fabrication of corners
  • Creation of perfect circles
  • Expansion joint optimal placement to reduce the risk of cracking
  • Techniques to increase concrete strength
  • Use of colour hardeners for a more vibrant colour concrete
  • Patented techniques of patterning
  • Quoting process to provide confidence that you will get the perfect kerb and landscape.

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Kwik Kerb’s Garden Edging Services

Garden Services: Perth Garden Edging

Garden Services: Perth Garden Edging

When thinking of garden services, Perth consumers should consider that Kwik Kerb has been providing premium borderline concrete garden edging for more than twenty five years. We take pride in continually developing innovative products to ensure that our customers receive the highest standard of service. Our garden edging is perfect for mower strips, garden edges, paths, paving borders, driveways and swimming pool edging. Kwik Kerb can help to keep water and soil inside your garden, avoid weeds invading your lawn and creating a great overall aesthetic appearance to your landscaping. Whatever your garden edging requirements, we are confident Kwik Kerb will be able to meet your needs. With Kwik Kerb gardening services, Perth domestic and commercial customers can enjoy a customisable finish.

Garden Edging Blocks

Garden Edging Blocks

Kwik Kerb products are completely customisable to provide the perfect finish for your garden. Edging blocks can be created using a number of different shapes and finishes. The most popular garden edging blocks impression is the Eurobrick. This finish creates an authentic brick and motor style to your edging. You can create the perfect paved impression in your choice of colours and finishes. This means that with this type of garden services, Perth consumers can create a great finish to complement your chosen design. Your garden edging blocks will not be limited by your materials regardless of whether you require straight lines, circles or a custom pattern.

Steel Garden Edging

Steel Garden Edging

Kwik Kerb can also allow you to achieve a steel garden edging aesthetic. With our choice of colours you can create a steel edging impression for your home or business. However, unlike many other kerbing contractors, we use a patented finish and top coat to not only strengthen the concrete but ensure that all the colours remain bright and true. Our colours won’t fade in direct sunlight or be scuffed or scratched over time. This means that with Kwik Kerb gardening services, Perth consumers can enjoy a beautiful aesthetic appearance to their garden or business premises for many years to come.

Timber Garden Edging

Timber Garden Edging

While timber garden edging can look quite striking, working with timber in your garden can be problematic. With many companies offering gardening services, Perth consumers may find that although timber installation is simple, maintenance can be quite time consuming. From the need to refinish the timber through to protecting the wood from rot, you may find yourself spending days working in your garden. However, Eurostyle Rustic Wood Kwik Kerb finishes are hand finished and designed to look like wood sleepers. You can have your Kwik Kerb create a timber garden edging impression regardless of whether you have a straight edge design or a unique circular pattern.

Borderline Concrete Edging

Borderline Concrete Edging

With Kwik Kerb, borderline concrete garden edging need not be dull and uninspiring. The customisable finish allows you to create the perfect finish to suit your design. With our gardening services, Perth consumers can choose the colour, style and finish which best complements their property. Even if you have an odd shaped plot or garden, or are looking to create a unique design inside your garden, Kwik Kerb can help. With six different profiles to choose from and a variety of styles and colours, you are sure to find the perfect finish to complement your preferred design. If you would like to learn more, contact us for a no obligation free quotation.

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